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Up and Running

And they are off.

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Originally posted July 11, 2012  – Well, the website has been up and running since March.

In the last few months we’ve sold some beautiful pieces from our line of recycled outdoor furniture, comfortable non-toxic mattresses

, organic cotton linens, no-soot palm wax candles, carpet from our 100% wool and recycled content collections, HEPA air cleaners, recycled glassware, and bio-degradable umbrellas that are compliment magnets for their owners.

WorkingWonders is also most likely one of the smallest of the companies to have qualified for Chase Bank & Living Social’s Mission Small Business Contest. (THANK YOU!!!) In about a month, we gathered 255 votes from our community, which might sound like a small amount, but in reality is a big achievement. We pounded the pavement at shopping malls, coffee shops, and grocery stores to tell people about our business, and learned quite a lot from the experience. Continue reading


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Brian D. Robertson, I Wish You Could Have Known Him

image courtesy of Amonix Inc.

The year 2011 is almost a wrap, but in keeping with the level of shock value it has had, it’s delivered one more punch on its way out. Brian D. Robertson, a remarkable Canadian-born entrepreneur, died this past Thursday at age 38. Brian was CEO of Amonix, a concentrating solar Originally posted on December 26, 2011.  PV company in California. But, before taking on that exciting challenge, he lived in Baltimore with his wife, Eileen, and their growing family, and was serving as the CEO of SunEdison, and that is when I met him.

We were in a course together, along with a fairly large group of people. I noticed Brian early on. Everything about him conveyed focus, purpose and conviction. Continue reading

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Some(green)thing for Everyone

Originally posted on October 21, 2011. Valuable feedback from two different professional marketing consultants last week made me pause, and re-think how we are designing Working Wonders to serve all of our stakeholders as a business concept and  a benefit corporation change agent.

Natural Marketing Institute’s great research about who’s buying green products now led us to design Working Wonders, on the business concept side, in a way that it clearly serves the needs of the green consumers who are most able and willing to prioritize buying sustainable for the greatest diversity of products.

In my day-to-day quick elevator speech interactions, I identify the Working Wonders clientele as the same people who are grocery shopping at the new generation of healthier grocery stores. While it is true that is the group that gets the most excited about Working Wonders, feedback from one of the consultants has made me want to work harder to get out the larger concept and core messaging of Working Wonders as a benefit corporation. Continue reading

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