about workingwonders

workingwonders is a home furnishings and housewares retail brand with an agenda of transparency and integrity. We believe the retail industry is both powerful and influential in a consumer society, and as such, has the responsibility to do everything it can to prevent manufacturers of toxic stuff from being so easily able to get their products in front of people. As a green from the ground up company, workingwonders is committed to providing people with the best information and products available to make our homes safe from unnecessary toxins.

People now easily recognize, and can access, grocery stores where they can buy food that doesn’t contain unnecessary preservatives and additives.  As one of the visionary CEOs of the healthier mainstream grocery store movement, John Mackey’s vision increased the availability, and heightened the desire for more natural and wholesome food in the mainstream population.

Yet, people still do not have the ability to easily access similar  options in the home furnishings and housewares industries.  Chemicals and fillers don’t belong in our food, and they don’t belong in our homes, either.

Research says that we spend 90 percent of our time inside of homes. Add to that, we are now making them as “tight” as possible to maximize energy efficiency.  Unfortunately, the quality of our indoor air is negatively impacted by a lot more than dust particles.  Our indoor air space is regularly invaded by invisible toxins from the the carpet under our feet, furniture we relax in and the mattresses we sleep on for eight hours a night.

workingwonders is a home and lifestyle brand that exclusively sells non-toxic products, that are made, packaged and shipped by sustainable processes.  We only work with brands that are willing, and proud, to be transparent regarding what they do to make their products.



3 responses to “about workingwonders

  1. Bobbi

    I’m REALLY excited about what you are doing, and look forward to learning more!

    May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!!

  2. Greetings,
    I am looking for contact information. We have some clients who are interested in installing a bioethanol fireplace in their home.
    What are the hours for your showroom?

    Thank you,

  3. Colin McBride

    I love what I see so far! Highly anticipating the final product. Call me at your convenience, many many things I would like to share with you that could really take the things we discussed to higher heights. Namaste and have a great and safe holiday weekend.

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