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Originally posted July 11, 2012  – Well, the website has been up and running since March.

In the last few months we’ve sold some beautiful pieces from our line of recycled outdoor furniture, comfortable non-toxic mattresses

, organic cotton linens, no-soot palm wax candles, carpet from our 100% wool and recycled content collections, HEPA air cleaners, recycled glassware, and bio-degradable umbrellas that are compliment magnets for their owners.

WorkingWonders is also most likely one of the smallest of the companies to have qualified for Chase Bank & Living Social’s Mission Small Business Contest. (THANK YOU!!!) In about a month, we gathered 255 votes from our community, which might sound like a small amount, but in reality is a big achievement. We pounded the pavement at shopping malls, coffee shops, and grocery stores to tell people about our business, and learned quite a lot from the experience.

So now we’re ready to roll out our vision, and we’re asking our community to vote with their dollars for the first exclusively green department store to be located right here in Maryland.

When I speak about how the vision of our retail brand will usher in a new world of better (sustainable) home and lifestyle retail, the comment I get most often is something like, “You should be in California – somewhere like San Francisco or Berkeley.”  I’m glad I’m not.

It’s time for all Americans to associate with the sustainability movement. And what better location would there be for an innovative, transformational flagship to change American homes and lifestyles for the better than near our nation’s capital?

Maryland is the perfect location for the premier department store of our time – a destination relevant to our changing world. Our economy still needs to make and sell new products. It still needs them to be packaged, shipped, and disposed of. We simply need to do these things in sustainable ways.

It’s time for a flagship destination that presents a compelling picture of exactly what this looks like, providing easy green product access to the millions of people who are interested in sustainable homes and lifestyles.


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