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courtesy of wikipedia

courtesy of wikipedia

Originally posted on February 23, 2012. The Mainstream sentiment is moving toward sustainable trends faster than retail can accommodate. On the tail end of NMI’s report that 80% of Americans are green in one way or another, their research uncovers confusion on the retail landscape, a muddied picture of the sustainable living concept.

According to NMI, 66% of Americans say it’s hard to know which companies are telling the truth about their environmental record, and 40% admit they don’t know where to go for information about which products are environmentally friendly. Our brand identity is built around solving this problem of green confusion—when we say we’ll be a beacon for healthy homes,

this is exactly what we mean—and our Green Guide™ is a bold step toward giving the public the information required to drive green practices through savvy consumerism.

We begin with an appeal to the early adopters who will serve as our initial customer base. These are the LOHAS Americans (lifestyles of health and sustainability) who gravitate toward earth-best products. At the forefront of this movement are women, and it is paramount that WorkingWonders™ speaks directly to women in the twenty-first century as a driving force in retail trends, sustainability, and improvements to our standard of living.

Women are hugely influential, if not solely responsible for most household purchases. Considering research by the AIO Group and A.T. Kearney, women are responsible for between 80 and 85% of all purchasing decisions. Women also represent an increasing majority of higher education degree recipients than men, both in the undergraduate and graduate arena. Where household purchases are concerned, this means women have an extraordinary capacity to evaluate product information, and also the economic freedom to choose what they decide is the best, healthiest option.

This twenty-first-century woman cares deeply about building the safest, healthiest home for her family, and is able to call on professional expertise to exert considerable financial power into the family unit. She says, “Shush honey, I’m the one with the degree in molecular biology, so we’re getting the green mattress because the other one has Boron in it.”

We know men care about these issues, too, but women will most likely be the first to seize the opportunity to buy sustainable goods and services and this makes them extremely important—to them, The Village of WorkingWonders™ will feel like the fulfillment of a long-awaited promise for a better life.  (redefined wealth and well-being).

Let’s not kid ourselves – reestablishing the existing state of broken down trust and goodwill between consumers and retailers isn’t optional – it’s one of the important prerequisites for a thriving green economy.  With a woman CEO at the helm of the brand, WorkingWonders™’ focus on un-muddying the waters of sustainability will catalyze million of women’s conscious purchasing power to make a better world.


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