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The Disneyland of Sustainability

Originally posted on November 29th, 2011. We’ve talked at length about social change, how we’ll create a revolution in the retail marketplace through a green-from-the-ground-up national brand.  What’s been lacking, however, is a glimpse of our dreams.

A store that enables change in the way Americans live must look the part.  Our vision is to realize this dream in the Village of Working Wonders, a sustainably built campus that does more than stock products on shelves, but also serves as an eco-tourism destination.  Our Village features integrated contemporary smart home design similar to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, filled with the materials and features of clean, sustainable living, beautiful arts from the best fair-trade and local craftsman, and a central structure as iconic to the future of American design as Disney’s castle is to the Magic Kingdom. Continue reading


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Getting Out of Las Vegas

Leaving Las VegasOriginally posted on November 7, 2011. As we look to build a strong economy, we’ve more questions to ask ourselves than ever before.  Chief among them is the sustainability issue.  How do we promote economic growth while at the same time making a shift to buying energy-efficient goods that have fewer detrimental effects on our health and the health of the environment? Here’s what colleague and friend, Casey Willson, wrote about this issue: “Market changes are required for the success (of sustainability and climate change goals), and the ultimate driver will be lifestyle changes of all people, especially those who are the early adopters in developed countries.”

Casey Willson* used these words in an introduction between the prominent organization founded with the help of Richard Branson, The Carbon War Room, and BethAnn Lederer, Working Wonders’ founder and CEO.  Working Wonders takes this mission very seriously because Continue reading

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